Take inventory of your home and possessions now to minimize stress later.

Each year thousands of families experience loss due to fire, theft and storm damage.
For most of us, our home is the biggest investment we will ever make.


The peace of mind of being prepared in the event of a loss cannot be calculated.

Total Recall Canada provides our customers with a professional, confidential inventory of their home and assets. Our services are fast, convenient and reliable. Contact us now and take advantage of our flexible scheduling.


What is a home inventory? Your Total Recall Canada home inventory is a detailed, specific list of your home and assets. High resolution digital photographs are taken of each room of your home, documenting all of your assets. These pictures are stored on a secure, non-rewritable CD. Your protection package also includes a printed, detailed inventory list that includes information like, make/model, serial numbers and value of assets, where available.

What we do

A home inventory from Total Recall Canada is a comprehensive, detailed accounting of your home and assets. We take high resolution digital photographs of your home and possessions and catalogue this information on a non-rewritable CD. You are also provided a hard copy that includes make/model, values and serial numbers (where available).

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Our Mission

Total Recall Canada offers a complete line of home inventory and asset protection packages. Insurance companies and adjusters require detailed information on your property after a loss to establish value and settle your claim. Total Recall Canada gives you the peace of mind knowing you have all the required information readily available. Our comprehensive home inventory will ensure you receive the maximum reimbursement for your loss in the shortest amount of time.

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Our Guarantee...

All information acquired during the process of creating your home inventory will be kept strictly confidential. Information about you or your property will never be shared or sold. Total Recall Canada will only release information to other parties with your express written permission.

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